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Why does ranking hold significance?

Achieving a high Amazon product ranking is pivotal for optimizing ROI effectively. We meticulously target precise keywords to secure organic rankings and drive swift sales through external traffic sources. Our advanced Tri-Ranking Solution, integrating PPC Campaigns, Chatbot Integration, and Rebate Automation, ensures top-tier product placement, facilitating exponential brand growth and expansion.

How Does It Work

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Listing Audit and Ranking Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive audit, evaluating the market according to your product specifications.

Introduction of Account Partnership & Performance Analysis

Follow-up call: Introduce Account Partner & Access.

How to Get Started

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Our Packages


Focused on a parent ASIN, we tackle 2 keywords at a time. Our strategy cultivates organic keywords, boosting sales velocity and claiming a prime spot in search results.

  • Max 2 keywords
  • Facebook ad setup
  • Manychat Flows
  • Daily detailed reports


In this approach, we focus on a single ASIN, addressing 4 keywords simultaneously.

  • Max 4 Keywords
  • Listing optimization (Title and Main Image)
  • In-depth Campaign Strategy
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Facebook ad setup
  • Manychat flows
  • Integration of Manychat flows with seller tool Auto SFB Strategy
  • Verification and automatic payout
  • PPC management
  • Daily comprehensive reports

We have created 350+ listings on Amazon that generate over $200,000  per month individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do offer auditing services before ranking analysis.

We offer ranking services for both newly launched and existing products.

We offer varying rates for each package. During the Consultation call, we’ll suggest the package that best fits your needs and provide you with the associated pricing details.