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Product Sponsored Ads

This advertising format is accessible to both first-party and third-party vendors. Product Advertisements are typically showcased at the top, bottom, and alongside search results, as well as adjacent to competitor product pages. This advertising type empowers you to target search-focused customers and seamlessly direct them to your product page. Advertisers can opt for precise, phrase-based, and wide-ranging match variations. They also enjoy the flexibility of defining bids and campaign durations. Our dedicated SPA specialists utilize a blend of automated and manual campaigns to yield optimal outcomes. Entrust your PPC Campaigns to us, and we’ll swiftly connect you with a diverse array of potential customers!

Brand Sponsored Ads

These options are open to vendors and brand proprietors alike. Brand-Endorsed Advertisements deliver a striking threefold improvement in effectiveness compared to other Ad formats, particularly in the realm of conversions. This Ad format showcases your brand logo, a tailored headline, and a trio of your products right within the search outcomes. Our skilled PPC professionals fine-tune Ads using a blend of their historical insights, innovative targeting choices, strategic placements, and other marketing tactics to ensure an optimal surge in clicks and conversions. Allow our experts to cast a spotlight on your products through precisely crafted Ads!

Product Display Ads

This Ad functionality is exclusively accessible to Vendors. If you’re a seller, you may have contemplated showcasing your product below your competitor’s page. Product Presentation Ads achieve precisely this. By tailoring your targeting to customer interests, you can position your product beneath the ‘add to cart’ button on competitor pages. These Ads may also appear atop listing pages or even on customer review sections. Our team of Amazon Experts is adept at leveraging these strategic Display Ads to elevate both upselling and cross-selling opportunities for your products.

Coupons and Promos

This capability is reserved for sellers who have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry and have garnered a substantial collection of favorable reviews and feedback. Employing coupons and promotions for Amazon PPC remains a burgeoning marketing tactic, yet its influence on products with lackluster performance is remarkably significant. Coupons effectively bestow your product with a coveted Green Badge, signaling discounts to your customers. This creates a perception of an enticing deal, even if the actual case may differ. Our team of PPC Specialists is adept at transforming this into tangible success, facilitating remarkable sales even with modest coupon values.

Storefront Analysis

Grant us authorization to access your account, allowing our specialists to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your listing.

Preliminary Report

With our ASIN Software, our Data Analysts prepare a preliminary report.

Campaign Optimization

Leveraging data analytics, we fine-tune campaigns to achieve a reduced ACOS while elevating your ranking.

Performance Review

We generate monthly reports and establish objectives for the upcoming month.

We have created 350+ listings on Amazon that generate over $200,000  per month individually.

PPC Management

Comprehensive Audit
Account Setup + Management
Data Analysis
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Progress Report

Frequently Asked Questions

We kindly request you to grant us expanded user permissions, located under the advertisement tab.

We ensure our clients are well-informed through comprehensive bi-monthly reports (mid-month and end-of-the-month), which meticulously monitor monthly advancements. These reports encompass ASIN Rankings, Keyword Rankings, and the comparison between Organic Orders and Advertised Orders.

The optimization cycle doesn’t adhere to a specific timeframe. We consider the cycle finalized when all 10 Keywords are successfully indexed, and we attain a 70/30% split between orders originating organically and those generated through advertisements.

Reduction of ACOS, Improve Sales and Increase in ROI.

We also offer services in account management and virtual assistance as per the terms of our agreement.